Robyn Reynolds

Creativity runs deep through Robyn Reynolds blood. Well known in Nelson for being a boutique women’s fashion designer , Robyn can now add accomplished painter to her portfolio .

Since launching Robyn Reynolds Clothing over 20 years ago, Robyn has amassed a devoted following that reaches all corners of New Zealand and beyond. 

‘I have always been a scribbler - making marks since forever. I never took myself as an artist though seriously until – in 2020 – I completed an online course at The Learning Connection. The course taught me the joys of creative freedom,  of exploring, of following my instincts, to have fun with colour, to embrace bold splats and texture. I learnt that mark making was my art form. That it had been there all along. 
Faces intrigue me. Through my marks, I not only express myself but work to express what I see in others. ‘