We hold a great collection of beautifully made gardening tools, crafted using rust-proof stainless steel, brass and hardwood. One of our suppliers is based in Sheffield UK and traces their making roots back to 1730, Burgon & Ball has hundreds of years of toolmaking experience, and as a result, every element of each tool in this collection has been specified and crafted to deliver genuine performance enhancements. We work with a wonderful local business, Living Greens, who create beautiful organic microgreen kits and seed packs for you to grow your own tiny garden in your kitchen. We love sourcing the best for you, near or far! 

Carlos Lehnebache $80.00
Milli Proust $50.00
Ingrid Carozzi $45.00
Amy Stewart $55.00
Zoe Field $65.00
Burgon & Ball Sold Out
Burgon & Ball Sold Out
Burgon & Ball $149.00
Living Greens $8.00
Burgon & Ball $29.00
Burgon & Ball Sold Out
Burgon & Ball $115.00
Burgon & Ball Sold Out
Claire Takacs $90.00
Living Greens $59.00