Richard Adams

Richard Adams - Artist's Statement

Auckland painter Richard Adams describes himself as an abstract painter who “paints when I’m not playing the jazz violin” – pursuits that go hand in hand, he says – and “one sets the other on fire.”

Drawing his inspiration from nature, colours, textures, shapes and surfaces, he later recalls these factors and “produces them with feeling on canvas.”  “I like my work to have a certain amount of spontaneity to it – it helps me in feeling that I am the guide of the brush rather than the master.  I try not to have a pre-conception of what the picture will look like.”

Richard Adams was born in London in 1957.  He has used his creative talents in New Zealand’s film industry in film-making and as Head Scenic Artist. As co-founder of the immensely popular jazz ensemble Nairobi Trio in 1989, Richard now divides his time between painting and touring nationally and internationally with the group.