New In...

Enjoy a browse through our list of what's new to the Gallery and Design store. All can be purchased online and make the most of our free gift wrapping service. We are happy to quote freight costs to send nationwide or overseas.
Candy Clarke $2,900.00
Lynette Hirst $300.00
Lynette Hirst Sold Out
Lynette Hirst $800.00
Sierra Roberts Sold Out
Agate Rubene $4,000.00
Candy Clarke $2,200.00
Ben Reid from $2,000.00
Richard Voss Sold Out
Barry Clarke Sold Out
Barry Clarke $630.00
Barry Clarke $210.00
Sierra Roberts Sold Out
Sierra Roberts $7,999.00
Richard Adams $1,800.00
Amy Stewart $55.00
Zoe Field $65.00
Meri Meri Sold Out
Meri Meri $59.00
Jamie Brown Sold Out
Jane Ussher & John Walsh $85.00
Rae West Sold Out
Rae West Sold Out
Emma Bass $2,250.00
Sierra Roberts from $180.00
Nicola Galloway $60.00
Meri Meri $72.00
Lisa West Sold Out
Simon Lewis Wards $280.00
Blow My Wick $45.00
Hogarths $10.00
Mandy Gargiulo $475.00
Jody Hope Gibbons $300.00
Jody Hope Gibbons $300.00
Ben Reid $1,200.00
Ben Reid from $800.00
Alison Blain $159.00
Alison Blain $279.00