Nachiko Schollum

Christchurch artist, Nachiko Schollum, creates ceramic characters all with their own unique personality.  Born to a family of classically trained Japanese Artists, Nachiko commenced ceramic painting and pottery after moving to New Zealand in 1988.

"My role is to create beautiful pieces and breathe life into clay and tell stories through my art. Each stroke of my hand, each gentle curve, carries a piece of my soul, connecting me to the ancient world of pottery, where human touch and ingenuity thrived. It is my responsibility to preserve this ancient craft and push its boundaries, creating a legacy reflecting the beauty and fragility of the human experience.
My sculptures are response to my inner-talk where I choose subjects that speak to me visually and a process that unfolds like a layered revelation. I aim to create timeless pieces carefully elaborated with story-telling details. Through my small desk-top size studies, I hope to provoke conversation and cheer."