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Borneo Bags was created in Auckland to support the last remaining semi nomadic tribe in South East Asia, the Penan, in their fight for survival against deforestation. 

Each bag carries a certificate of authenticity with the name of the weaver so you know exactly who made your special bag. Its of the finest quality. Each item goes through a Quality Control process before shipping.

Recyclable pallet strapping is the modern weaving substitute to the traditional rattan; it’s durable, washable (yes, you can simply rinse your bags) and comes in amazing eye-catching colours. We're putting a new spin on an age-old craft. 

For the ardent collector we have the traditional rattan range. This natural fibre takes over 3 months to harvest, prepare, soak in plant dyes and is sometimes even buried in the soil to achieve the desired colour!

Please get in touch to find out which styles and sizes we have in stock.