Michelle Bellamy

Michelle Bellamy (born 1987) is a contemporary New Zealand landscape painter of Scottish & English decent.
Michelle was born in Nelson, New Zealand and spent her childhood exploring the outdoors within the South Island of New Zealand. Art runs in the blood in Michelle’s family, with grandparents on both sides of the family who were artists, followed by both Michelle’s parents who are involved in the arts. 

She now resides up The Brook in Nelson with her husband and two daughters, where she is inspired daily by the local landscape, and coastline.
Michelle has worked in all mediums but has a great love for the special qualities that acrylic paint offers. Acrylics suit her temperament and particular way of using illustrative detail combined with water-colour layers. Bellamy paints with acrylics on board, with the occasional work on linen.

Michelle meanders up and down the country with her chosen subject matters, from the coast to alpine locations, never tiring of New Zealand's beautiful countryside. A few of the painting subjects that Michelle chooses to paint are under dispute of whether or not to leave them be, or to terminate them. Therefore, throughout her paintings she is looking to record a small part of New Zealand history, that in the relatively near future may no longer exist