Martha Blanche Sidonie

We hold an exclusive collection of ceramics by illustrator, Martha Blanche Sidonie. Ranging from teacups to vases, these handbuilt porcelain and stoneware creations are each hand built and hand drawn, meaning no two pieces are ever the same. Please contact us for more details and photos of the full range.

Born in Yorkshire, Martha grew up between the UK and the Spanish Canary Islands. After moving south to study her degree in Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, Martha spent 4 years living and drawing in Scotland before moving to Nelson in 2017. She now spends her days illustrating and making ceramic creations inspired by her seafaring ancestors - it seems the further you go from home, the more you explore your connections to it. 
The ceramics that Martha created for our ‘Stories’ exhibition are inspired by tales of her Icelandic grandparents fishing on frozen seas, using stars and birds to guide their way. The mark making on the pots follows the lines of their fishing nets and the tea set represents the colliding of cultures when they moved to the British fishing port of Kingston Upon Hull in the 1920’s - where the frozen sailing continued, but with much needed tea breaks.