Juliana Trolove


Nelson local, Juliana Trolove, has combined her formidable skills into an exciting art practice. With a background in visual communication, commerce, marketing and jewellery, she has committed to a full-time studio practice focused on painting. 

She describes oils as her passion, with colour, texture and technique all providing great opportunities to learn and develop. Recently she has been exploring flora as a subject matter working through the complexities of still life composition arrangement while communicating her love of flowers.

“What I am trying to achieve is a feeling of joy. Swathes of paint, laid on liberally, colours that sing, brushstrokes that are honest and strong. This is the way in which I try and interpret what I see before me. It is often a tumultuous process, wrangling the painting into a form which is representative of the subject matter. Hopefully my love of the subject is reflected in the outcome.”

Juliana Trolove $5,200.00
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Juliana Trolove $1,850.00