Feast of Feathers

Welcome to Feast of Feathers! 

A collaboration of New Zealand artists celebrating the beauty of our native birds. This exhibition is in the gallery space at Red from September 11th to October 4th but due to Covid restrictions on travel, we decided to open up the exhibition up to the world and will be listing each piece online, here. Please take your time and enjoy these beautiful works, all handmade by artists all over New Zealand. 

Helen Turinsky $184.00
Bob Wyber $126.00
Ben Reid from $800.00
Martha Blanche Sidonie from $180.00
Su McPherson $39.00
Bob Wyber $270.00
Bob Wyber $270.00
Su McPherson $36.00
Ben Reid $1,200.00
Bob Wyber $324.00
Bob Wyber Sold Out
Helen Turinsky $375.00
Martha Blanche Sidonie Sold Out
Helen Turinsky $198.00
Ben Reid from $1,000.00