Candy Clarke

Candy Clarke - Artist's Statement 


Celebrated artist Candy Clarke works primarily with paint in her home studio in the city hills of sunny Nelson. Her sensuous paintings glow like sweets seducing us with their gorgeous colours and shiny surfaces. These effects are skillfully achieved through a process she has developed for painting directly onto perspex. Almost working in reverse, she applies paint in layers, scratching back through to reveal pops of colour and inscribed text.

On a conceptual level she likens the shiny perspex finish to device screens, presenting images and symbols in the manner of desirable everyday consumer items. Familiar objects are elevated to the status of serious art subject matter; barcodes and branding operate to comment on consumer culture while simultaneously participating in it. 

To emphasise this tension, Clarke uses text, playfully teasing the viewer with humour and double entendre. Clarke knowingly parodies twenty first century consumerism, suburban dissatisfaction and the continuous search for gratification with her delicious, desirable artworks.

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