Barry Clarke (Jewellery)

The ocean runs deep through Barry Clarke’s life and making practice. Boats, birds, fish, the land and the sea are subject matter he has worked with throughout his career. 

Like ancient treasures pulled from the bottom of the sea, Barry Clark’s jewels are rich and raw, revealing their ancient Grecian influences. Working masterfully with unpolished gems, gold and silver, he makes gestural, symbolic pieces that feel powerful and unpretentious.

“I was born in Surrey, England in 1946, but have lived in New Zealand on and off since the 80’s and permanently since 1991.

I have always painted and studied art informally.  I am a self taught painter and Jewellery maker. I am influenced by the Minoan, Cycladic and Celtic cultures as well as the modern artists, Brancusi, Picasso, Giacometti and Marini.”

 Clarke’s tin and enamel ships are favourites amongst art-lovers, some of whom collect them to create fleets on the walls of their homes. 

“I went to sea as a boy in the British Merchant Navy (1963 - 172) and came to New Zealand in 1972 and began painting.  

Ships like the "English Star', 'Queen Mary', 'Cape Howe' and 'Loch Avon', many of which I worked on, all have stories to tell.”