Ashlee O’Hagan

Based north of Auckland, situated in her studio is where you’ll find NZ artist and oil painter, Ashlee O’Hagan. Balancing a busy life as a full time Mum and professional artist, Ashley’s love for painting has been a long road of dedication and passion. 

Beginning her career in her early twenties, Ashley studied at the Dunedin School of Art, graduating with her degree. After a year of struggling to make ends meet, trying to keep afloat as a part time waitress, all the while pursuing her love of art, Ashley decided to return to school. She graduated with a teaching degree, working as a secondary school teacher for three years, but following after the birth of her first daughter, she returned to her passion for art. 

She describes it as place of solace for her, and after a very difficult 2021, it is a space of familiarity and comfort for Ashley. A year later in 2022, she is finally working in her own studio. This shift accelerated her driven hobby, to a full time, dedicated career, and she has been busily creating ever since!