RED Environment

At RED we care for our staff, our customers and Mother Nature.

We support local businesses and suppliers as much as possible.

We have an emphasis on fresh, local and organic. Our eggs are free range from a small local producer. A small local family owned artisanal dairy farm (Wangapeka Milk) supply our organic milk & yoghurt. Our quality meats are supplied by a local specialty butcher - Philippe Gauthier who pops in and has a coffee with us most mornings. Bread & croissants are baked by two local artisanal bakers and we source fabulous Mozzarella made only a couple of blocks away! We use People's Organic fair trade coffee who in turn support small coffee farmers in partnership with Trade Aid.

Learn more about how People's Coffee support small rural farmers on their blog here.

RED recycles all of it's paper, glass, plastic & cans and we believe that it is important to re-use as much as we can.