Sally Burton

photo: Marion van Dijk - Nelson Mail

Sally Burton's latest exhibition at RED Gallery October 2014 is entitled 'Unknown Ancestors'.

It was inspired from an old photo album belonging to her Great Grandfather - Joseph Paul. This series imagines New Zealand in the 1860's when the family emigrated to New Zealand from London.  She has invented her own stories about the characters in the album, the unknown family, presumably her ancestors, and she places them in primordial landscapes of early New Zealand.

Sally uses these photographs to recall a time when the ‘ tyranny of distance’ must have been extraordinary, a time when these untamed antipodean islands still showed little evidence of European intervention.

Since graduating from Ilam, Canterbury University School of Fine Arts, Sally has painted, taught and exhibited. She has work in Public and Museum collections in New Zealand and private and corporate collections in Australia, North America , Europe and Asia.
Sally works in an advisory role with the World of Wearable Art.

Sally's previous exhibition RISE was held at RED Gallery in 2012.
For the 'Rise' series I have looked up for inspiration in an attempt to defy gravity.
Most of these paintings are on plain tapa cloth from the Pacific Islands.
Tapa has its own inherent organic structure which influences the direction
of my imagery and echos traditional geometric Island patterns.
Hybrid animal and vegetable forms have been overlaid with circular and
vessel forms to create multi dimensional surfaces exploring concepts of
containment and freedom, interior and exterior, extinction and regeneration.

Please contact RED Gallery, if you would like any further information on Sally's work. We are very happy to pack and send nationally & internationally.