James Kerr

James Kerr

"To me art is about exploring. 

I'll take a photo of something or paint outside somewhere which makes me feel great. Maybe its a landscape washed in light or something unexpected.

I am drawn to certain things, like we all are. Making art to me is spending time with what makes you feel great and the outcome of that is hopefully portrayed and is felt by others through art".

For this reason my art is often varied in theme because my interests are captured from one place to the next.

Art being created from referencing photographs or from being on location has a story to it as the reality is more real from being there.

Because of ones experience with the place and reflecting on it one now has a connection which influences what one has to express about it.

I am currently making art which has a shift away from the representational image, by loosening up my grip on referencing photograph, and instead relying on an ambiguous nature of the paints thoughts during the painting process to set the tone of the work, leaving the landscape as a more dream like realm.

Objects or the figure are added, making a shift to the landscape, and creating a narrative.


James graduated with a bachelor of fine art from Dunedin art school in New Zealand in 2006.

Since 2006 James has had various solo exhibitions in galleries in Dunedin and Nelson, New Zealand.

RED Gallery was thrilled to have James visit and do a residency in Nelson at the end of 2014. James is an energetic and passionate young man with the most fabulous attitude towards life. We can't wait for James to come back again!