Greg Smith

Greg Smith is a glass artist based in Auckland. Greg began working with glass in 1985 as a co-founder of Avalon Glass on the West Coast of the South Island. In 1990 Greg began making glass jewellery and was a forerunner of this medium in NZ. Due to an Arts Council grant in 1995, Greg was able to expand his skills further through study in the US.  Greg's work has been collected by glass enthusiasts in the US and he has been a finalist in the Australian Glass Prize 5 times as well as one of 11 International Artists selected in a World Glass Jewellery exhibition in Europe.

"My work is strongly informed by stone carving of the Pacific Rim. I work primarily with the disc and blade forms. I create blocks of glass using a wide variety of materials and techniques from Italian Murrine Canes that I make at a Hot Glass Studio to raw glass colour, cut and arranged to suggest fossilised inclusions. All the pieces are carved from these blocks using diamond tools and handworked to the desired form and finish and then placed in stone tumblers to give the pieces a silky smooth matt finish. The pieces can be treated as that of Pounamu where the wearer can rub the piece against their skin to take on the bodies natural oils."