Craig Bluett

Craig Bluett is a printmaker and painter based in Marlborough. He is a graduate of Otago School of Fine
Arts, where he specialized in Printmaking.

Craig Bluett’s ‘’ monoprints are printed from metal plates on which he works the ink. They are
reminiscent of early photographs taken from glass plates by explorers and colonial photographer’s .He
produces a similar surface texture which is a product of his printing process.

Several prints from Craig’s ‘Antarctic’ series have been shown nationally and internationally; He has had
prints selected for the Centre for Contemporary Printmaking Biennial foot Prints International Exhibition
in New York in 2008. He has also had one of his Antarctic series short listed for Gulan International Print
Biennial in China. And recently a finalist for the Parkin Drawing Prize 2013

“This series of monoprints continues a large body of work about our impact on the environment of
Antarctica and the impact of Colonialism. I am greatly concerned about environmental issues relating to
Antarctica and its preservation. Here is the vast white space travelled by early explorers; man against
nature, fighting for survival.

Much of the recording of these exploits used the latest technology, the camera. The camera was used to
record atrocities both to humans and animals and the demise of a region. As many of these photographs
were printed from glass negatives they often showed cracks and imperfections. I have mimicked these
very flaws to emphasize the fragility of the region. The monoprint technique I have used gives a
painterly and spontaneous effect.”

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