Robin Slow, Brian Flintoff & Bob Bickerton


Robin Slow's paintings, Brian Flintoff's carvings & taonga pūoro together with Bob Bickerton's soundtrack celebrate tikanga Maori and remind us that we are go through life facing the past and walking backwards into the future. This multi-sensory exhibition weaves together stories & music, where time, place and people are interconnected and tikanga, memories and thoughts are passed on.

"Korero tukuiho (stories of the past), with its tikanga, memory and thoughts, provide us with an avenue of not only survival but an enhancement of that survival." Robin Slow

Kei a te Po te timatatanga o te waiatatanga mai te Atua. Ko te Ao marama, ko te Ao tu roa.

It was the night, that the Gods sang the world into existence. From the world of light, into the world of music.

RED Art Gallery
RED Art Gallery