We are thrilled to be hosting Emma Bass and her extraordinary Photographic Exhibition 'IMPERFECT'. 

In the Spirit of the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, Emma's flower portraits honour the beauty of the imperfect and the homely. IMPERFECT is her gentle contemplation upon the 'greatness' that exists in the inconspicuous.  Emma's images of fragile back-garden blooms weathered foliage and nostalgic vessels, have an atmosphere of wistful dignity.

"For me, this project is about framing reality. The flaws themselves are beautiful in reality can be applied to our wider life - our bodies and the ageing process, even the ever-changing world around us." - Emma

We love the Crown Lynn Vessels that Emma displays her flower arrangements and can't wait to have these glorious photos up on our walls!

Come and meet Emma when IMPERFECT opens at RED gallery on Saturday 20th at 5.30pm.


Hanging Emma's exhibition was as real delight! 

This gives you some idea of the scale of these magical artworks!

RED Art Gallery
RED Art Gallery