Anzac Day and Collections


A very special exhibition for Anzac Day 2014.
RED brings you 'Anzac Day & Collections', featuring work by Nelson artist Katy Sanson & her artist daughter Sarah Larnach from Auckland.
Katy's work portrays her reactions to reading her late Father's  diary of the time he was based in the Pacific in the NZ Air Force during World War 2.
Katy tells part of the story of a young man's feelings and reactions to being part of a war that shattered lives and had a life long impact on those who returned home.

Sarah describes her work as a third-generation members acknowledgement of the great wars, born of the confusion of being raised to 'remember' but never 'glorify the men. He works focus on objects and images that have become archives of sentiment for subsequent generations.

This exhibition also includes work from Nelson artist Diana Maskill, and two Auckland photographers, Emma Bass and Anna Church.

RED Art Gallery
RED Art Gallery