Ann CT Braunsteiner - Red Rooms and In Between


Ann Braunsteiner is a published author and artist. She was born in Austria, working as a biochemist before relocating to New Zealand in 2009. Ann has quickly become an established artist exhibiting nationally.

Ann Braunsteiner’s ‘Red Rooms and In Between’ is a body of work prompted by Surrealism in literature. The source of inspiration is the Japanese author Huraki Murakami and his books Kafka on the Shore and 1Q84.

With her paintings and prose, Ann has intended to capture a merging of worlds, a collision of disparate parts that are found through Red Rooms and In Between.


The last summer, I sat on a red park bench. The world hidden,

Behind a C minor in my head.
A longing,

a passing and a story,
About a tree,

On the left side of the road.

Ann CT Braunsteiner, 2013

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